VZSNAPCRANE16-CPJR3 camera crane camera jib w/ remote motion control head



VZSNAPCRANE16-CPJR3 camera crane camera jib w/ remote motion control head

SnapCrane w/ CPJR-K3 remote head – This crane/remote head kit combines the SnapCrane 16 & CPJR-K3 high-performance remote head for instant savings. The CPJR-K3 Incorporating such high-end features as precision enclosed drivetrain, pan slip ring, recordable/repeatable motion control, built-in zoom/focus control, soft limits, and full parametric motion control settings, the Cinema Pro Jr represents a new standard for lightweight, cost-effective pan & tilt motion control heads. Adding to its appeal is the seamless upgrade path for increased programming capability, multiple control input options, and compatibility with an array of existing Cinema Pro accessories. The SnapCrane-16 builds to 4 different lengths with no tools and the CPJR head sets up in minutes and performs with the best heads on the market – read below for more detail.


VZSNAPCRANE16-CPJR3 CAMERA CRANE CAMERA JIB w/ CP JR-K3 – VariZoom’s incredibly versatile SnapCrane is in a class by itself with our fast yet secure dovetail joint assembly, compact modular design allowing 4 different lengths, and painstaking quality control – no expense was spared. The SnapCrane was designed for years of trouble-free operation and it has the fastest tool-free setup and longest reach of any crane in its price category. Proudly manufactured in Austin, TX with attention to every detail, the SnapCrane is a truly professional tool that will last a lifetime with proper care.

Every SnapCrane kit includes the dolly, tripod, and carrying case so you get a turnkey system that’s been matched, assembled, and functionally tested prior to shipment. Quality, performance, and safety are all taken very seriously with the SnapCrane, so we make no compromises in materials or labor. There are less expensive systems on the market, but none of them come close to the build quality or versatility of the SnapCrane.

Jib Arm / Crane Body – Crane sections made from stiff, lightweight tubing are precision machined and powder coated before assembly and quality inspection. The upper extension section has a truss pattern cut into the sidewalls to retain strength while minimizing weight and reducing air resistance in light breezes (caution: never use a camera crane in windy conditions). The heavily reinforced, cable-tensioned design of the SnapCrane allows it to reach farther and higher without any sacrifice in stability or performance.

Pan/Tilt Base & Brake System – Our ultra-smooth, high-capacity pan/tilt base is built to exacting standards with oversize fasteners, sealed bearings, and beefy construction for a remarkably stable fulcrum point. Superior design, proud craftsmanship, and the finest components set this pan/tilt base apart from those used in other crane systems (it’s also a significant upgrade over the QuickJib’s). Our brake system utilizes a heavy-duty plate on the crane pivot section and a variable drag mechanism built into the right stator of the pan/tilt base. This system was designed to add significant variable drag and hold any position, but it’s forgiving enough to slide under extreme force that could otherwise topple a jib with a locking-brake system.

Machined Dovetail Joints – Dovetail joint assembly allows for quick, extremely secure no-tools connection with redundant safety locks. A hefty stainless steel latch (w/ internal safety catch) clamps the joint from above while a secondary thumbscrew assures a tight and secure fit from below.

Cables and Couplings – Our modular cable system boosts crane stability and ridigity while keeping overall weight down by allowing us to use a single line of compact, lightweight tubing for the main arm. The superior-quality cable tensioning system keeps the SnapCrane taut, rock solid, and easy to control. The smooth-coated, corrosion resistant cables are easy to handle and will last a lifetime. Marine-grade stainless steel hardware is used exclusively throughout the SnapCrane, ensuring long-term field reliability.

Crane Case – Comes standard with VariZoom’s new lightweight, heavy-duty Soft Case (hard case optional). Also available for purchase is the optional rolling hard case, for the ultimate in protected transport. Optional Hard Case: Exterior 63″ x 15″ (round); Interior 58″ x 12″ (round); Weight 20.5 lbs.
DCR200 Dolly – Our heavy-duty dolly w/ outriggers has an ample spread, rugged solid-rubber wheels, foot brakes, and a positive leg-locking system that securely captures our TCR100 crane tripod. Includes padded carrying case.

TCR100 Crane Tripod – Our custom TCR100 is the only tripod we recommend for use with any crane, no matter the brand. When supporting an expensive camera on a jib elevated above other valuable equipment or people, it is simply a no-brainer to eliminate all risk and use a single-section tripod instead of a telescoping type.

CP JR-K3 motion control head

Standard Features
Zoom and Focus Control Built into Head
Console Joystick control for Pan, Tilt and Zoom; knob control for Focus
Move between precise marks with variable speed/motion curves
Record and playback a move up to 1hr
Independently Programmable Max Speed for Pan & Tilt
Independently Programmable Smoothing for Pan & Tilt
Precise, Resettable Zero Point for Motion Referencing
Up to 2500 feet between controller and head
Custom Soft Limits for Pan and Tilt range of motion
Fujinon, Canon and Preston serial and analog lens control
Dynamic Zoom Compensation
Extremely Rigid Build w/ 100mm or Mitchell Mount
Pan-base slip-ring for continuous 360° motion
High-power Enclosed Drivetrain Allows Dynamic Moves
Optional Intervalometer, Camera Sync, PC Data Share, Additional Marks & Takes

With its menu-driven advanced control console and high performance head design, the Cinema Pro Jr can execute the most dynamic or subtle moves with total precision and playback capability. Pan, tilt, zoom and focus response can be individually customized for the finest control, and the system can be upgraded with additional software and hardware for extended capabilities. The Cinema Pro Jr borrows heavily from the acclaimed Cinema Pro master motion control system, and although it’s scaled down about 35% in most respects, the CP Jr’s baseline performance is remarkably close to that of its big brother. At only 13 pounds, the Cinema Pro Jr is ideal for jib and remote field applications, and its superior programming capability and rock-solid electromechanical performance make it a perfect upgrade for the low-tech heads found on most jib systems.The CP Jr sets up quickly with no twisting wires or tedious balancing process, and it’s capable of extremely precise, repeatable movements at any speed. The CP Jr also performs extremely well as a high speed fixed-mount head or a feature-film quality motion control system for small to mid-scale productions.

Proudly Made in the USA, the CP Jr is constructed from body sections that are CNC machined from solid billet to exacting standards, so rigidity and structural integrity are second to none. The custom slip rings and robust motor drives are designed and tested intensively to perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions, and the electronics & software have years of field testing behind them. Add to all this the painstaking assembly and QC done in our state-of-the-art facility, and you’ve got a motion control head of the highest caliber.